Popular Designer Lighting’s Options and Their Usage

Posted: August 27, 2015 in designer lighting Melbourne, Electrical led lights, led lighting Melbourne, Shopping
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While hosting an event or a party, what do you think is the most important element? Yes, you guessed it right, if you thought about lights. Lights are the most important element in fancy events or parties because they help you to create the perfect ambiance. Experiment with lights and introduce some changes to your room, make it a little romantic, vibrant, calm or energizing. Create a warm and bright glow in your room from a subtle source of light. You can also make use of some reflective surfaces like mirrors to let the candle light bounce all throughout the room. Use of these addons complements your room and gives it a festive mood.


You can also consider highlighting some special areas of your room, like the fireplace with some of those fancy fairy lights. Apart from this, you can also opt for drape lights around willow stems and dried leaves to create an unusual effect. But all these decorations depend upon the occasion, use varied light colors and do not forget to adjust them according to the mood.

There are basically three types of lighting available in the market, Ambient, Accent and task. All the designer lights that you see out in the market falls under these major categories. So, let’s enrich your knowledge about these basic illumination categories.

Ambient lights:

These kinds of illuminations play a major role in adding an effect to the ambiance of your room. You can hang up a central pendant light and give your room a dim effect. Apart from the pendants, you can also make use of those gas lamps. These also act as a great ambient light and can add some lovely effect to your room. Designer lights are of various types, you can survey the market and dig out some excellent designs and lighting effects and get it installed in your house.

Accent Lighting:

This kind of illuminations is used for adding some texture to your house. These are much sharp and focus to a particular area giving it some depth and shadows. These are formed by mixing various types of lights like halogens, up lighters, down lighters and tracks. You can also opt for some opaque shades as they prevent spilling out of light. Tracks form a great sort of accent light; you can easily make use of them to illuminate your house.

Task lights:

The name justifies itself, task lights are for performing definite jobs whether it’s writing, reading, cooking or carrying some other specific work. It is a light that focuses on single areas. Some popular areas for installing task lights are kitchen, study, living room, dining room etc.

Lights are of various types, especially when it comes to designer lights for domestic purposes. Melbourne is quite popular for designer floor lights, which is one of the most trending designer illuminations available in market recently.


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